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How to stop running nose

张家纲 Zhang JiaGang

[I cannot translate this Chinese medicine article accurately because it is beyond my ability. I can only translate the main content and hope this simple translation can benefit you.]


This massage can stop a running nose immediately. It is easy and effective. Mothers like the method very much, as it allows them to provide their babies with a treatment at home.


Yaya’s mother said, “I was so worried whenever Yaya had a running nose. It is like a non-stop stream of water. Since I learnt “Wasps enter the holes”, I have given these massages to my Yaya whenever she needs. It only takes five minutes and the running nose stopped. If the running nose is from a cold, other massages should be applied”.


Autumn is near and the weather is dry, many children suffer with a cold and running nose. The nasal cavity is the first channel of the respiratory tract and is easily infected. During this season, many children suffer with sneezing, running nose and constipation. “Wasps enter the holes” will release your worries.


The name of the therapy is strange but very vivid. Your two fingers are like wasps and the nostrils holes are the holes. Therefore, wasps enter the holes. This name was given the technique by Chinese ancestors.


“Wasps enter the holes” can induce sweating, resolve the symptoms, ease the lungs, and unblock channels within the body. It also improves the toxic factors released through sweating. It can be used on children and adults.


In cold air, or if the air contains more germs, children may suffer a blocked nose or a running nose. The reason is that the air reaches the nasopharynx and the mucous membrane become swollen or increases secretions and mucus. The nasal cavity becomes narrow or even blocked. Children and adults may continually try to clear the nose, and babies may cry or even refuse to drink milk.


The location of “Wasps enter the holes” is on the lower edge of the nostril (both sides of the philtrum, at the lower side of the nose). It is an acupuncture point, named kou3 he2 liao2 (口禾髎), which belongs to the acupuncture channel of the large intestine.


The detailed massage is as follow: Use one hand to support the child’s head. The index and middle fingers of the other hand touch the position just outside the nostrils (you can feel the bone edge). Then move the fingers up and down by moving from the wrist rather than from the fingers. While the fingers move up and down, the force pressing down needs to be adequate but gentle. This movement lasts 3 to 5 minutes. This massage can drive the water in the nasal cavity into the acupuncture point of the big intestine. It reduces the water in the nasal cavity and the symptoms of a blocked nose or running nose are reduced.


You may find that the nose is more comfortable, and constipation also resolved, killing two birds with one stone.

Illustration: Using one hand to support the head and the index and middle fingers of the other hand to massage up and down in the area below the nose.


There are several versions of “Wasps enter the holes”. The massage methods are different between them. Some simply just massage anywhere under the nose and it also works well. This massage is often applied to children. It is a medicinal treatment but not an exercise. Please do not practise it when a child or adult is well.


Once you have finished “Wasps enter the holes”, you can massage the line from the top of the nose to the bottom of the nose. This improves the results of the treatment.

3rd Aug 2020

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