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Covid 19 virus and
working for the elderly

by Jing
31st October 2020

Everyone is concerned about the Covid 19 virus. How dangerous is it? How much does it affect our daily life? Will I be infected by the virus? The radio and TV show so many sad stories. I even heard that many workers have stopped helping the elderly, because they are worried to contract the virus from their clients.

I have been working through the lockdown period. I do not worry much about the virus but take the precautions recommended by the government and NHS.

Below is my own view about the SARS-2 coronavirus. You certainly should follow the rules of government and advice from the NHS.

I don’t worry too much about the virus because I am not a party person. I enjoy being alone and following my interests. I live with my husband, whose work doesn’t involve meeting many people. Our risk for contracting the virus is relatively low.

From my caring experience before March 2020, my clients were unwell from time to time. I noticed that it used to happen after a family gathering, such as a big meal at home or in a restaurant. The elderly met their grandchildren who had just returned from their holiday abroad.

After the lockdown, all my elderly clients are well and steady in their health. They live at their home and their children are not allowed to visit them. Sometimes, the family members go shopping for their elderly and they stand outside of the houses and pass the goods into the house. I felt quite amused. Of course, in Cambridge, family members are allowed to visit their elderly relatives provided that they wear masks.

I feel my caring work is becoming easier than before, just because the elderly clients were in good health. The better health of the elderly may be due to fewer visitors. For the safety of my clients, I always keep a safe distance from anyone, both in their homes and outdoors.

I don’t agree that people should wear masks all the time. If you walk in an open area, you don’t need to wear a mask. The fresh air will do you good. However, if you wear a mask and stay in a crowd for a long time (let’s say one hour), that is not safe. The reason is that there is a high density of viruses (including the coronavirus) in a crowd. If you catch one of the viruses, your health is impacted and you become weaker. This will give chance for all sorts of viruses or bacteria to affect your health.

If you wear mask for a long time (more than 2 hours continually), it may do some harm to your health because you keep breathing in your old breath and you get less fresh air, which your body needs primarily.

I don’t look forward much to the availability of a vaccine. I trust that the human body can produce the best immunity. To increase our immunity, it is necessary to have a relaxed mind, suitable activities, and quality sleep every day. We should keep an eye on our physiology, such as passing urine or bowel movements. The worst thing during the time of lockdown is to be angry and to worry.

Another thing to help maintain good immunity is to eat less. We often read that eating highly nutritious food can build up our health. Everyone is different, and each person has different ability to digest food. Overeating is already one of main reasons for being unwell, and more so during this time of Covid 19. You should eat well but not overeat.

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