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Thank you for visiting my website.

I like Information Technology (IT) though I am not an expert. I also like house plants. I like things which are basic human needs, such as preparing food, cleaning the home, and ironing. These household activities drag me away from the computer and are good for my health.

I hope you enjoyed the freedom of the summer and continue to enjoy the rest of 2021.


12th September 2021

Asparagus fern


Domestic Help

I designed this website in the middle of July 2020 for my work and my hobbies. I had worked for a homecare company since 15th March 2016. I then became self-employed after August 2020. I have now been self-employed for 13 months. I am still enjoying being self-employed.

I now help working and retired people with their domestic tasks. I am happy to work for them and I hope they are happy with my service. When I started working for myself, I took jobs of four-hours duration each visit. I now only take jobs of two hours each time. I can work efficiently within two hours. I visit my clients weekly or fortnightly.

My tasks are dusting, hoovering, cleaning bathrooms, preparing meals, ironing, and changing bedsheets. Some clients stay at home, and some leave the home empty when I am working.

I have skin problems and am cautious about vaccines. I didn’t have my Covid jab until 30th July after seeing the nervousness of one of my clients. So, I decided to have jab.

I used alternative ways to prevent Covid-19. However, the government and society only recognise the vaccine. So, I changed my mind. I had a skin rash for a month afterwards.

I am a plant lover. I am glad that many of clients are very keen on growing vegetables and plants. They give me plantlets and dying plants. Once the plant is in my hands, I look after it. I consider my home to be a plant hospital. I now have many house plants and I had a bumper harvest of vegetables in 2021.

Thank you for visiting

I hope the above introduction has provided you with some useful information that you need and can help you to make your plan.

I hope you like Thank you again for visiting.

12th September 2021


Harvest runner beans, cream sausage tomatoes, salad tomatoes, tiger tomatoes

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