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Thank you for visiting my website.

I like Information Technology (IT) though I am not an expert. I also like house plants. I like things which are basic human needs, such as preparing food, cleaning the home, and ironing. These household activities drag me away from the computer and are good for my health.

I read a limited amount of material, mainly concentrating on health. I am fascinated by the wonderful mystery of integrated biological systems.

I would like to use this platform to share my interests. I hope you like this website.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and healthy year in 2021.


23rd December 2020

Domestic Help

I designed this website in the middle of July 2020 for my work and also as a hobby. I was a carer and helped elderly people in their daily life, such as preparing meals, taking a bath or shower, and tidying their homes. I have now gradually changed to providing domestic help only, and the clients are not only the elderly but also middle-aged professional people.

My working hours were quickly filled up, and more people still contact me for help. I am very grateful that my clients trust me and appreciate my work. I hope my clients are well and will be happy and content at their work. When their job is secure, my work is secure.

How sad the year 2020 has been! We all experienced lockdown, quarantine and loss of employment. So many small businessmen are suffering heavily. I cried for them. I am self-employed and know how hard self-management is.

I usually work two to three hours at each visit. If a domestic job is more than 4 hours, I negotiate with clients to reduce it to under 3 hours. Cleaning work is within 2 hours and ironing work can follow that. This means I cannot do cleaning work continually for more than 2 hours. Some clients occasionally want to me to serve food for them, that is OK within my working hours.

My clients show me how I should look after their homes. My skills are improving. I not only make the clients’ homes nice and clean but also make my own home better because I’ve learnt better ideas of housekeeping from different clients.

I hope that the clients and I will form a good relationship for years until I retire, or until I am too old to work.

Thank you for visiting

I hope the above content has provided you with some useful information that you need and can help you to make your plan.

I hope you like Thank you again for visiting.

22nd December 2020


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