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I update About Me each year to record my domestic work. I am still enjoying looking after myself. If you want to know more about me, please read my previous About Me in the links below.

I have been self-employed for one and a half years. Thanks to my clients, I have survived in this new career over this time. My working hours are steady, and my clients are of different backgrounds, which makes my work interesting.

I can choose the workload that suits my strength and health. My clients are between middle aged and elderly. Clients prefer that the domestic work happens in mornings. Therefore, my morning hours are full now. I have some afternoon hours available. I am still thinking whether I should leave these hours for myself or ask for more clients.

My services include cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, hoovering and dusting rooms, and ironing clothes in private homes. Clients can deliver and collect clothes for ironing to and from my home, located in Cherry Hinton.

I visit my clients weekly or fortnightly for two hours each time. If you have a big house (more than 4 bedrooms), I may not be able to help you, unless you can share some of the housework as well. I prefer that people are not at home when I do the cleaning, in this way the cleaning work is thorough and efficient. However, if you are at home, that is fine.

To let my clients be worry-free, I have had three vaccine jabs, though I don’t think that I need them because I can protect myself well using Chinese medicine. Still, I cannot emphasize more that the jabs are not a guarantee of our health, unless we have a good lifestyle and a peaceful mind.

I feel grateful that my current clients employ me to help them at their homes. I received many gifts at Christmas. I am so happy with these gifts because there wasn’t any chocolate or sweeties.

Cleaning work is like yoga for me. It makes me physically strong and peaceful of mind. I concentrate on the basic needs of human life rather than worrying about other things that are beyond my abilities. I’d rather do housework than eat chocolate. However, I do enjoy eating and drinking, but different sorts of food only.

Spring is nearly here, so I will have more gardening activities. My clients give me plantlets each year. We then can share the joy of flowers and harvests in the summer and autumn seasons. I also pass some fresh vegetables to other clients if they want them.

I like propagating and growing plants. Living plants are like humans. Once you know how to keep plants well, you would know more about the human body, a miracle and a wonderful system created by God, and you would know how to look after your health.

I hope that the Covid 19 pandemic will end in 2022. I hope that the UK economy will recover soon, and that all my clients have good jobs and secure incomes. I hope all the retired clients can enjoy their life and remain healthy.

19th February 2022

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