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I like Information Technology (IT) though I am not an expert. I also like house plants. I like things which are basic human needs, such as preparing food, cleaning the home, and ironing. These household activities drag me away from the computer and are good for my health.

I read a limited amount of material, mainly concentrating on health. I am fascinated by the wonderful mystery of integrated biological systems.

I would like to use this platform to share my interests. I hope you like this website.

4th July 2020

House cleaning

It takes 1 hour to clean a one-bedroom flat, 2 hours to clean a two-bedroom house and 3 hours to clean a three-bedroom house. If you have a four-bedroom house, I only can clean part of the house at each visit. If you want to share the cleaning work, the visiting hours can be reduced accordingly. The visits can be arranged once per week or once every two weeks, depending on how many people live in the house during a week. A single elderly person’s home can be quite clean and only need one visit every two weeks.


If you live alone and have hot meals delivered every day, you may find that the variety of the meals is limited. You may miss the good old times when you visited your favourite restaurant. You could now consider employing a carer who visits you once a week to cook you a freshly prepared and delicious meal, according to your choice. The cooking service includes preparing and serving the meals and tidying up.

Personal care – home visit

Personal care usually requires daily visits and is an expensive business. However, if you combine company care and self-employed care together, you could reduce the cost significantly. Self-employed care is usually much cheaper than company care but with the same quality of care. The cheaper cost of self-employed carer is due to it having fewer administrative costs.

If a client has reasonable mobility, a company will provide a care service together with the client’s family members or a self-employed carer.

However, if a client has poor mobility and deteriorating health, a company will want to provide a caring service alone, even excluding family members.

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11th July 2020

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